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 This is your chance to Rejuvenate, Refresh & Relax
Feeling good day after day is hard, there are so many things to consider; from our chosen careers, to family life, to our own health and well-being. Unfortunately, it's often our own health and well-being that suffer the most, trailing behind everything else.
Rejuvenate Therapy strives to offer instant well-being; that feeling of calm and to restore the inner glow that your friends and family recognise and love so much about you.
Whether a sore shoulder from heavy bags is getting you down, a tight neck from a poor nights sleep is making you miserable, or its lower back pain from lifting children or a hard days labour that makes tomorrow look bleak, Rejuvenate Therapy is able to assist you.

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to discuss your treatment & book an appointment

Choose from a variety of services:

Deep Tissue Massage

Sports Massage

Chronic Injury Relief

Tension Headaches

Swedish Body Massage

Rest & Relaxation

Muscle Soreness

Postural Imbalance

Lymphatic Drainage Massage/
Cellulite Reduction Massage

IBS/Digestive Problems

Menstrual Pain


Stretching Guidance

Strength Exercises Following Injury

Gift Vouchers are available:
Choose either a specific treatment(s) or amount to the value of!
Vouchers start at £10+
Not sure what treatment is right for you?

Visit the 'Treatments & Services' page to read further about the treatments available. Alternatively, give Viki a call and discuss all types of treatment and what you need, from there she can guide you to your ideal treatment.

Contact Viki on: 07921286758

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